Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Garden Gates

The garden is undergoing a deluge this week. I hope it doesn't make everything too leggy. We are nearing real Summer where the heat should arrive too. Some very cool nights in May kept the mosquito population down noticeably. I'm hoping this rain doesn't bring them all back. Just need a night or two in the low 40's with low humidity. Come on, nature!

Ha Ha. The garden is an evolution. I have ten separate "rooms" in the garden, and seven of the 10 are basically complete, other than maintenance. Last year I built three Japanese-looking garden gates to help enclose the space and give it more structure than just planted patches in the woods. The main entry gate was created from wood left over from a kid's fort I tore down. It's a fairly simple project that I explained in a short article at How to Make a Japanese Garden Gate in a Weekend. The pics in the article were taken in February, but it looks much better now that things are more grown in. A better photo is this one taken in early May. The gate is large but the size gives it presence and gives the feel that you are entering into a defferent space. I worked out the design by referring to several Japanese gardening sites and books. The idea was to keep it understated and rustic-looking to match the wooded nature of the garden.

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