Friday, May 15, 2009

Simple Stonework

In order to give the garden some structure, I required some rocks, which I don't really have on site. The rocks in the garden have resulted from from an early effort to rescue an eroding hillside, then to help define the individual sections of the space, and finally as focal points. In a Japanese garden, they counterbalance the soft foliage, provide structure and represent natural elements such as mountains in the distance. As everything else in this project, the collection and placement of stones is an ongoing effort. I hope that the ones that are required for a particular space will appear when needed.

Here is one simple stone focal point I created from a big triangular rock I positioned at the divergence of 2 paths. A few white river stones give it an asian temple-like feel, but it's just something I made up. It fits the garden nicely though, and pulls you down the path.

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  1. Nice woodland garden--I love them since I have lots of shade and always looking for ideas! I love to hunt for treasures too. I love anything found or unusual. Thank you for shopping by my blog too! -Jackie