Sunday, January 31, 2010

Japanese Garden under Snow

 More snow this weekend, another 6 inches.  We had a bit of a mid-Winter thaw last week, and the daffodils started peeking up in anticipation of Spring.  Not to be, the thermometer is going back below freezing for a few days, with a chance of more snow later in the week.  Quite a contrast from early last Summer as you can see here.

Zippy doesn't seem to be too terribly troubled by the snow.  He is a Turkish Van cat, descended from ancestors in the mountains of eastern Turkey.  He has a thick coat and seems to finally be enjoying that he can blend into nature instead of standing out like an albino when he stalks butterflies and insects. Here he is just entering the garden next to a metal lantern we have there. He looks a little chilled here, but believe me he can plow through snow up to his belly.

Don't forget to put some food out for the full-time residents of the garden too, they need a little help for the next few weeks until the sun starts getting closer to the Northern Hemisphere again where it can actually produce some heat. 


  1. Hi Twincapes, I'm so excited to see your garden as I too garden in a woodland setting. It is most challenging and I've had to switch my whole way of thinking. I too have a few cats-one is in my face right now. She's about to go outside as she is an outdoor cat but it's been so cold we bring her in. She is right at home. Blue Dog is beautiful! Your garden looks like mine now but I think the snow is going bye byes pretty quick. Then comes the mud. Oh well, spring can't be far...

  2. I forgot to tell you this morning but there is a directory of garden blogs you might be interesting in listing your blog at. It is called Blotanical and you can easily find it if you Google it. I think at last count there were like 1800 garden blogs listed. I didn't see yours listed but hope you do. tina