Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rocks speak to me

Well, what can I say, that's the way it is. I came across this photo online and there's so much I like about it, mainly the colors. I'm all about muted colors in earth tones. I like the look of a natural plaster wall or a log cabin on a fieldstone foundation. I was taken on a clothes-shopping excursion over the holidays, (that's another story) and a saleswoman was matching up shirts and ties for my approval. She felt that a light-colored shirt needed an explosion of color in the tie. After a while my crossed arms, shifting feet and "mmm, maybe" responses led her to give up on me. I actually prefer the colors that you'd do a Craftsman style house in: olive green, beige, brown, grey, plum, light green and weathered wood. And throw some bronze in there for good measure. I actually did paint a room in that paint scheme years ago. The colors I found were Buffalo Sage with Chocolate Brown for the trim. Anything painted Buffalo Sage you know has to turn out looking good.

As far as the garden goes, my natural area has very few stones, so I've imported all of them from elsewhere, usually from clearings for developments or flipping them end over end through a woods somewhere and then figuring out a way to get them up into my truck. The ones I've gotten have given a lot of good structure to the garden space. Just looking at glossy pictures of Japanese gardens in books has given me good ideas that I've then been able to implement section by section throughout the garden. Where I have a space, I usually have an idea what might work there plant-and stone-wise. They say that master Japanese gardeners choose each stone very carefully for the garden space. It must lend a natural look to the garden and be correct for the effect they are trying to create. I do the same, but if I see a nice big rock, more likely than not I'll get it and ponder on it for a while in the garden until the right spot for it is revealed.


  1. Thank you for your recent visit to Teza's Garden. It is nice to see more woodland gardeners - people I refer to as 'shady characters.' I am certain I will enjoy visiting here often. Asian flora is one of my main obsessions right now - lots of plants in my garden repertoire orginate is China and Japan. Please come back and visit often.

  2. Hello, I really like rocks, too! I am about to rework a slope so I can extend my herb bed, and this involves bringing in some large boulders. I am very excited about this. I asked my husband for rocks for Christmas, so I guess this is my belated present! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. My woodland garden has been an ongoing project which has brought me much pleasure, Good luck with yours. BTW - Blue dog is a very handsome cat!

  3. Hi! FYI: I have tried twice to comment on your other blog, Mystic Whiskers, and am unable to do so. I noticed there were no other comments so maybe there is a problem?? Anway, wanted to say I liked your haiku and we, too, have started saving cardboard and take it to a place to be recycled. Our curbside pick up doesn't pick up much so once a month we take it to the county facility. It is amazing how little trash we have now, with compost and all the things we can recycle.
    Thanks for visiting my haiku blog - and I enjoyed reading through Mystic Whiskers and this blog.